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Kallenberger Jones & Co. is a consulting firm that specializes in assisting owners, financial institutions, and related parties in assessing the potential performance of existing or proposed hospitality, resort, and tourism-related properties. The mission of the firm, established in 1994, is to provide direct, thorough, and exclusive advice for hospitality and tourism projects. The company maintains offices in Costa Mesa and South Pasadena, California.

Kallenberger Jones & Co. was formed based on the premise that the services and advice available from a firm comprised primarily of experienced and active principals are fundamentally superior. The philosophy of the firm embodies the following major principles:

Integrity of Advice. The firm is dedicated to providing services which are focused on the specific important issues of the property or the proposed development, not just the results that arise from a defined set of work products or template approaches. Further, the advice offered by the firm will be based on superior research and analysis, and it will reflect the considerable experience of the consultants involved.

Pragmatism. The advice rendered by the firm will be practical, and will respond to the basic question, “What needs to be done now?”

Experienced Personnel. Either Mark Kallenberger or Hank Jones will assume the lead role in all projects and any consultants involved in an assignment will have considerable experience in its main issues. Outside specialists will sometimes be engaged if singular expertise is required.

Client Interaction. The engagements undertaken by the firm incorporate regular progress discussions with the client. In this way, clients are kept aware of findings as well as problems that arise in the study process; misdirected study approaches or “surprise” findings are thus usually avoided.